Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Survey Says....

.....a majority of American adults (57%) have not lived outside of the state in which they were born. (Link to Pew Research Center report.)

Here's Retiring Guy's line-up.

Auburn, Washington (1949-1952)

Great Falls, Montana (1952-1957)

Warren, Pennsylvania (1957-1968)

Buffalo, New York (1968-1970)

Minneapolis, Minnesota (1970 summer)

Buffalo, New York (1970-1971)

Laguna Beach, California (1971, Aug-Dec)

Buffalo, New York (1972, Jan-May)

Laguna Beach, California (1972, Jul-Aug)

Buffalo, New York (1972, Sep-Dec)

Warren, Pennsylvania (1973, Jan-Aug)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1973-1974)

Deer Lodge, Montana (1974-1975)

Warren, Pennsylvania (1975-76)

Springfield, Massachusetts (1976-1978)

Oshkosh, Wisconsin (1978-1986)

Middleton, Wisconsin (1986-)

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