Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ebrary Survey on Use of E-books by Students

Link to June 25 PW Online post, "Survey Shows Increasing Use of E-Books As Research Tool Among Students".

The survey was completed by almost 6,500 students at around 400 institutions across the globe. While the survey does indicate some skepticism and ignorance about e-books in institutional libraries, it also clearly shows that students are increasingly using e-books and other digital reference sources for research and other assignments.

The results of Ebrary’s survey are, in some cases, surprising, especially in terms of how frequently students do use e-books, and also confirm what the publishing industry already knows: that tech-savvy readers (like engineering students) are the most likely early adopters, and more e-book titles published means more e-book readers.

40-page survey report is available here.

Of the 6,492 respondents,
2707 are from Italy
2143 from the US
529 from Hong Kong
511 from Canada.
(That's 90% of the total.)

As for the major fields of study represented:
1983 Engineering
525 Architecture
501 Computer and information science
439 Business

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