Thursday, January 25, 2018

UPDATE. Advantage, Friends of Wisconsin State Parks: Money talks in more ways than one.

Apparently, the Trump effect has reached the WI DNR board.

DNR won't get blanket OK for off-road motor vehicles among campers, hikers, skiers.  (, 1/25/2018)
If the board had granted the DNR request for an overall exemption from those rule provisions, the move could have jeopardized millions of dollars in donations and volunteer labor it receives from the Friends of the Wisconsin State Parks and 80 local friends groups

All of a sudden, those campaign contributions from DNR board members are chickenfeed compared to the support of volunteer friends groups.

Original 1/24/2018 post, "Pay-to-play the Wisconsin way (ATV edition)", starts here.

“The company has spent money in the Wisconsin state Capitol as well, reporting expenditures of $412,193 to lobby state government officials since 2009,” according to a recent article by Steven Verburg in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Photo credit:  Polaris

And now this.

A volunteer group that has raised millions of dollars for state parks said future donations may be jeopardized if the state Natural Resources Board allows parks to ignore a state administrative rule requiring the noise and disruption of off-road vehicles to be kept away from park areas where people are seeking a quiet and peaceful experience.

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