Friday, January 26, 2018

Joyce Andrew Camigliano (1946-2017) Warren Area High School class of 1965

1965 Dragon yearbook

1958 Dragon yearbook

1967 Warren City Directory
  • Andrew Margt (wid Edw) clk Credit Bur of Warren h413 Conewango av 
  • Camigliano Albert V (Alice H) prs opr National Forge  h107 Jefferson av (paper route customers, 1961-1965)
1983 Warren City Directory
  • Camigliano Albert V & Alice H retd h107 Jefferson av 
  • Camigliano John & Joyce; tchr Warren Area High Sch h1516 Pennsylvania Av E

The popularity of Joyce as a baby name is graphed here.  Let's take a look at Heather.

Initially looking as though she had no gas in her tank, Heather accelerated into the fast lane during the 1970s and 80s, spending 21 years (1970-1990) in the top 20, peaking at #3 in 1975.

By the time this movie was released (1989), Heathers had flooded into the high schools of America.

Other members of the class of 1965:
Jeffrey Werner.  (11/20/2017)
Jeffrey Arnold.  (7/11/2017)
Blaine Otto Rudolph.  (6/20/2017)
Anita Farnswroth Madigan.  (4/30/2017)
David Bryan.  (11/23/2016)
Candyce Thompson Wescott.  (10/10/2016)
Dianne Briggs Sherman.  (5/14/2016)
Catherine Donnelly Rice.  (9/25/2015)
Sharyn Steele Engle.  (8/30/2015)
Dennis Seymour.  (6/25/2015)
Alvin Whipple.  (6/17/2015)
Susan Johnson Wolfe.  (3/14/2014)

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