Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Not CES2016: The Spermbot

Attaching Mini Motors to Sperm Could Help Treat Infertility.  (Mental Floss, 1/19/2016)
In a study recently published in the journal Nano Letters, the scientists explain how their so-called “spermbots” are able to function. The mechanism is a microscopic spiral of metal proportioned perfectly to fit over the tail without slipping over the head. Researchers can guide the motor to the sperm of their choice using the rotating magnetic field, and once attached it propels the sperm towards the egg where it slips off upon entry—at least in theory. The micromotors have yet to be tested in humans and researchers are still not sure how a woman’s immune system might react to their presence in the body.

Sorry, just can't help myself.  ("Get yer motor runnin'...")

And based on this news, maybe it's time for a remake.

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