Thursday, January 7, 2016

House 'crazy' John Fleming still delivering thoughts and prayers when it comes to gun violence

Meet the latest Republican meme.  [emphasis added]
  • As his colleague Gary Palmer similarly said,  Nothing in the President’s Executive Actions would have done anything to stop the most recent incidents of gun violence.
  • As his colleague Paul Gosar similarly said, The president’s gun control proposals would not have stopped any of the major shootings which took place this past year.
  • As his colleague Matt Salmon similarly said, The ‘executive actions’ he announced today wouldn’t have done anything to avert the senseless killing in San Bernardino. 

The NRA pledge of allegiance chorus:
Gary Palmer (R-Alabama).  1/6/2016)
Paul Gosar (R-Arizona).  (1/6/2016)
Matt Salmon (R-Arizona)  (1/6/2016)
Ken Buck (R-Colorado) (1/6/2016)
Barry Loudermilk (R-Georgia)  (1/7/2016)
Marlin Stutzman (R-Indiana)  (1/7/2016)

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