Sunday, September 14, 2014

Yes, projected budget shortfall nearly tripled in less than 4 months

Editorial: Yes, structural deficit does matter. (Appleton Post-Crescent, 9/14/2014)

The Post-Crescent editorial board serves the Governor a plate of his own words.  
If you have any doubt about the importance of the structural deficit, look to Walker himself.

In his first budget address, in 2011, he addressed it, saying, “Wisconsin faces a $3.6 billion deficit. Too many politicians have failed to tell the truth about our financial crisis. They left Wisconsinites in the dark about the extent of our fiscal problems. The facts are clear: Wisconsin is broke and it’s time to start paying our bills today — so our kids are not stuck with even bigger bills tomorrow.”

The number today is not as big — so maybe we’re “half-broke”? — but it’s still too big. It will certainly change between now and next spring, but in which direction?

It’s not good enough for any of our candidates to say this is not a problem.

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