Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wisconsin State Assembly District 22nd: Who's on the Ballot for the August 12 Primary?

An open seat.  Incumbent not running for re-election.

22nd Assembly District
Public libraries in the 22nd Assembly District
Milwaukee Public Library.  (service area sliver)
Pauline Haass Public Library, Sussex (Lisbon service area)

The 3 Republicans candidates

Candidate biographies

The winner of the August 12 primary will face Democratic candidate Jessie Read.

About Jessie:
  • Home:   Sussex
  • Occupation:  Self-employed bookkeeper and interim office manager
  • Elected office/membership:  Treasurer, Waukesha County Democratic Party

The 22nd Assembly District is currently represented by Don Pridemore, who has served in the state legislature since 2004.   Pridemore announced his retirement in April 2014.  In April 2013, State State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers brushed back a challenge by Pridemore.

Sidebar:  Nick Oliver challenged Pridemore in a 2012 primary.  Crushed!

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