Saturday, July 13, 2013

More from the Urbana Free Library

In looking for a YouTube video to accompany this post, I found this bizarre "tribute".

Negotiations to begin with library director. (News Gazette, 7/12/2013)

What-it's-all-about excerpt: Tuesday's board meeting for the second time in less than a month brought out dozens of library patrons concerned about the culling of books in the adult nonfiction section. They have said the method and the speed of the removal of books from the stacks was too extreme. 

According to statistics compiled by Lissak, 9,343 books were removed from the stacks during the weeding process. The weeding encompassed sections that include 29,502 books — about 42 percent of the adult nonfiction collection — meaning the sections that were included before the weeding stopped were reduced by about 32 percent overall. 

The large numbers of books that came off some of the shelves raised red flags for patrons and library employees.

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