Friday, May 17, 2013

Spin Cycle: The Walker Administration Diverts Our Attention from the Latest (Disturbing) Jobs Numbers

The trumpets are blaring to draw attention to this report.  (Not the latest numbers.)

Let's put this number (62,072) in perspective.

In other words, Wisconsin needs to generate 188,000 jobs in the next 2 years in order for Scott Walker to reach his goal of 250,000 new jobs.

Oh, but what's this?

A lot of 22.600 private-sector jobs.

Any statement on this number, Scott?

Here's the DWD news release.

Note the headline (red arrow):  Wisconsin Employment & Unemployment Estimate Announced:  March Revised, April Preliminary.

Then note the twin spin.

No mention is made of this tidbit on page 3.  (That would be the loss of 22.600 private-sector jobs.)

More spin

Photo credit:  Wisconsin State Legislature

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