Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Common Cause in Wisconsin Asks, "Do Your State Legislators Support Non-Partisan Redistricting Reform?"

Common Cause in Wisconsin

More specifically, have your state senator and representative signed on in support of Senate Bill 163/Assembly Bill 185?

Right now, it's a mostly blue world.

To complete the Senate blue portion of the picture, we need Lassa, Miller, and Shilling.

To complete the Assembly blue, we need Bewley, Doyle, Kessler, and Richards,

On the Republican side, we need 17 senators and 59 representatives.  But then the latest redistricting process worked out quite well for them.

Specific guidelines of the legislation include:
  1. The plan must be based on population requirements imposed under the Wisconsin Constitution and the U.S. Constitution and requirements imposed under Section 2 of the federal Voting Rights Act,  (Sidebar:  Texas Republican Party Platform Calls For Repeal Of Voting Rights Act Of 1965)
  2. The senate and assembly districts established in the plan must satisfy equal population standards specified in the bill.
  3. District boundaries under the plan must coincide with municipal ward boundaries and, to the extent consistent with the Wisconsin Constitution, the U.S. Constitution, and Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, must coincide with the boundaries of political subdivisions.
  4. Districts must be composed of convenient contiguous territory.
  5. To the extent consistent with the requirements described in items 1. to 3., districts must be compact.
  6. In preparing the plan, the LRB must be strictly nonpartisan.

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