Monday, February 11, 2013

High Hopes for New Cedar Rapids Library, Not So Much for Operating Funds

Walk-and-read treadmills! Perhaps staff will work at treadmills desks? 

High hopes for new Cedar Rapids library. (Cedar Rapids Gazette, 2/10/2013)

Excerpt: Yes, the new library — 11 percent larger than its flooded predecessor but seemingly much bigger, with a roof garden plaza, three walk-and-read treadmills, three fireplaces and a cafe with drive-up window — still will have plenty of printed books even as the rush from print books to electronic books is moving nearly as fast as workers can put on the finishing touches so the new library can open in August.

Funding remains concern for new Cedar Rapids libraries.  (Cedar Rapids Gazette, 2/10/2013)

Cuz this is no way to fund a library.

According to the city manager’s budget proposal, the city will put $500,000 in revenue from the city’s local-option sales tax for flood recovery into the library construction budget, and the library board will take $500,000 in private donations intended for construction and use the money for the next budget year’s operation. In addition, the library will use unspent money from its current budget and the city will pay up to $112,000 from general city funds to provide technical maintenance help at the library.

On the plus side, the $49,000,000 will be paid for when it opens in August of this year.  That's right, $0 debt.

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