Thursday, April 26, 2012

Point/Counterpoint: Marshfield Library/Community Center

Letter: Speak up now to oppose library project.  (Marshfield News-Herald, 4/25/2012)

Excerpt:   The city now is considering a new public library. This would include development of the whole city block where the library now exists and consist of a two-story library building and an expanded senior center. Some improvement to the library might be advisable*, but a major construction project in these uncertain times is uncalled for. 

This project, which undoubtedly will be financed by further borrowing, will create an immense additional burden on our over-burdened taxpayers. However, if this project goes the same way as the fire station, the blame goes beyond our representatives. It will happen because nobody cares enough to come forward and oppose these projects.

*As the Gallatins are aware -- since it was discussed at the February 13, 2012, Library & Community Center Project Steering Committee they attended -- one of the items to be discussed is a "low end", 12,000 square foot library expansion.

Letter: Support joint community center, library. (Marshfield News-Herald, 4/24/2012)

Excerpt:   In recent years, our council and library supporters purchased property that could be used as a library/community center complex, appropriate for all ages from preschool to senior citizens. This center will be a meeting place for the many groups wishing to have regular meetings or training sessions; it will house partners such as the Aging & Disabilities Resource Center; it could provide space for historical collections needing a permanent home. 

As city officials, council members and Marshfield citizens, we have an opportunity to give future generations a library/community center that can evolve as technology changes and provide a gathering place for all ages. Being familiar with the clinic complex, I know that interviewing physicians and other medical specialists look at community facilities when they consider a move. We want Marshfield to remain a dynamic city with a growing tax base that draws young professionals and families.

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Anonymous said...

I believe this a great amenity and hopefully everyone will be able to benefit from it. The community will surely love this. Books are really good for the memory and it keeps all the elderly active. Hope there is also a big library near the retirement communities new york in my area.