Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amazon, Of All Retailers, Puts Bricks and Mortar into Its Business Plan

Amazon dips toes into physical world with brick-and-mortar stores. (San Jose Mercury News. 2/7/2012)

Excerpt: Amazon.com is dipping its toes into the physical world as the largest online retailer offers more products in stores that may benefit from hands-on interaction with shoppers. 

Analysts said the move may be inspired by the success of Apple, which has hundreds of its own glitzy stores to show off iPhones, iPads and other gadgets and accessories. 

Quidsi, an online retailer Amazon acquired in 2010, opened its first retail store in Manhasset, New York, last year to sell expensive cosmetics and perfumes under the BeautyBar name. 

Amazon also plans to open a physical store in its home town of Seattle in coming months to showcase and sell its growing line of gadgets, including the Kindle Fire tablet, industry blog Good E-Reader reported this weekend.

From Amazopia, the Unofficial Amazon.com Blog.  [Emphasis added.]  Nevertheless, what Christian talks about here goes way beyond a single store in Seattle.


1. To show off the Kindles.
2. To sell Kindle accessories.
3. To sell Amazon basic products.
4. To sell future Amazon products.  (e.g., Kindle smart phone)
5.  In-store pickup
6.  In-store returns.

and, with emphasis added.....

7.  Book tours and signings.
8.  Book sales (from its own publishing company)

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