Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Building That Housed the Princess Theater Still Stands but It Doesn't Have Good Access to the Internet the Princess Theater....

For Idaho and the Internet, Life in the Slow Lane. (The New York Times, 9/14/2011)

Excerpt: And, according to a new study [Pando Networks; not yet "In The News" on website]  they are among the problems that have earned Idaho an unfortunate distinction: it had the slowest Internet speeds in the country earlier this year for residential customers who were downloading things like games — a “dismal” average of 318 kilobytes per second.

Translation: In Idaho, it would take you 9.42 seconds to download a standard music file compared with 3.36 seconds in Rhode Island, the state with the fastest average speeds, at 894 kilobytes per second.

The slowest city, by the way, was also in Idaho: In Pocatello, it would take nearly 12 seconds to download that music file, according to the study by Pando Networks, a company that helps consumers accelerate downloads. In the nation’s fastest city, Andover, Mass., a Boston suburb, it would take just over one second.

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