Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gleanings from 1939 Survey of Sheboygan Public Library Report (Part 4)

From Report of a survey of the Public library of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, for the Sheboygan public library board by George G. McAfee [and] Errett W. McDiarmid on behalf of the American library association.

A reformatted version based on the percentage column.

The report makes no mention of a Children's Librarian among the 8 full-time employees, 3 of whom have college and library school degrees.  [page 24].  Neither is there a mention of storytimes -- or any other library programs, for that matter.  Perhaps this could partially explain the low percentage of housewives who have a library card?

If someone had asked me to guess the percentages for each of the 11 categories, I wouldn't have placed Housewives at the bottom of the list.

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