Friday, October 22, 2010

Hearing Loop Technology @ the Waupaca Area Public Library

Link to October 20 Waupaca Now post, "Group helps library expand hearing loop technology".

Excerpt:   The circulation desk is the second area in the Waupaca Area Public Library to receive hearing loop technology.

The $670 cost for the hearing loop was funded by a $200 donation from the Lynwood Women's Club, with the rest of the cost covered by an anonymous donation.

A hearing loop uses induction technology to transmit sound from a public address system's microphone directly and wirelessly to the hearing aid's built in telecoil, or T-coil, receiver. The technology also reduces background noise.

Last June, a hearing loop was installed in the library's meeting rooms. It allows those who wear a hearing aid to be connected directly to the library's public address system by simply flipping a switch on their hearing aid.

Waupaca's library, as well as the Appleton Public Library, received this technology through a Library Services and Technology Act Grant.

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