Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello Warren, PA: New MapQuest Feature Misses a July 4th Celebration

Not even close up.

Link to June 29 cnet news post, "MapQuest remaps itself".

Excerpt: To start the journey, MapQuest has simplified its search box for locating directions and maps. The new, more user-friendly interface resembles the ones you'll find at Bing Maps and Google Maps--probably not a coincidence. Type your entire starting address in one field, your ending address in another, and you can then see the directions and mapped route side by side.

MapQuest's My Maps feature lets you save your own personalized maps and directions for future reference. Though this feature itself isn't new, you can now log into this service using an account from AOL, OpenID, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, or Twitter. The new MapQuest also taps into the world of social networking, letting you share your My Maps itineraries with other people through Facebook and Twitter.

To help travelers along the journey, MapQuest now lets you track down specific spots along your route. You can search for hotels, restaurants, gas stations, parks, garages, and even special events anywhere along your route. Each spot includes its address, Web site, and a link to grab specific directions to it

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