Thursday, June 4, 2009

West Bend Library: Journal-Sentinel Update and Forum

Link to June 2 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, "Library board rejects restrictions".

Excerpt: The Library Board on Tuesday night unanimously rejected efforts by a local citizen group to restrict access of young adults to books depicting sex among teenagers or those describing teenage homosexual relationships.

Such books already are separated from children's books, either in a young adult fiction section on the first floor of the library or shelved as young adult non-fiction alongside similar adult texts on the second floor, board members said.

The nine-member board listened for 2½ hours as nearly 60 people discussed the appropriateness of the library providing such books to the public before the board voted to maintain current policies.

Speakers were evenly divided between those offended by graphic details of teenage sexual encounters contained in some books and those opposing censorship.

Several people said parents should take responsibility for reviewing what their middle school and high school students were reading from the library.

As for the forum posts, it's a split decision -- and very much in line with the adage that a good library should have something to offend everyone.

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