Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's like the title of a Carly Simon song

to January 27 article at, "What the Web knows about you".

Here are lists of what Robert L. Mitchell, the author of the article, found and didn't find online about himself.

Information discovered online:

Full legal name
Date of birth
Social Security number
Current property addresses
Personal phone numbers
Business phone numbers
Previous addresses and phone numbers dating back to 1975 (except for cell phone numbers)
Real estate property deed descriptions and addresses
Property tax record from 2004
Assessed value of home from 1997
Identifying photographs
Digital image of signature
Mortgage documents (current and previous) and a legal agreement
Computerworld affiliation, stories and blog posts
Employment history
Resume with educational background going back to high school
Sex offender status (negative)
Affiliations with several nonprofits
Editorial award
Spouse's name, age and Social Security number
Names of friends and coworkers
Names, addresses, phone numbers and first six digits of Social Security numbers for neighbors past and present
Parents' names, address, phone and first five digits of Social Security numbers

Not (yet) found online:

Driver's license number
Vehicle registrations
Banking records
Medical records
Detailed demographic data from marketing databases
Insurance claims history
Vehicle registrations
Property records for land in Florida
Voter registration record/political affiliation
Mother's maiden name
City and state of birth

1 comment:

RobMitchell said...

Quite a list, isn't it?

After I posted the story, a private investigator said he could have pointed me to where I might find most of the missing information. The exception was financial and medical records, which I could have obtained only by breaking the law (through social engineering).

Thanks for reading!

--Robert L. Mitchell