Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Wisconsin 2024 elections: Republican Mark Born announces candidacy for 37th Assembly District

The current 37th Assembly District is arguably one of the most blatant examples of GOP gerrymandering, one of a number of efforts at cracking Dane County.

The district is represented by William Penterman (R-
Columbus), who is running in th 38th District in a game of GOP musical chairs.

The newly drawn 37th is likely to remain red.
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HeadlineDaily Dodge, 4/9/2024
Born, who is co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee, says the new legislative maps will bring a new district number and some changes to the areas he has historically represented. He adds that while losing parts of Dodge County he had represented for years is difficult, he is excited to be adding new communities such as Waupun, Randolph, Fox Lake, and parts of southern Fond du Lac County.

The new Senate and Assembly maps:
SD 1 and AD 1, 2, 3.  (2/20/2024)
AD 1.  (4/17/2024)
SD9 and AD 25, 26, 27.  (2/22/2024)
AD 31.  (4/24/2024)
AD 39.  (4/24/2024)
AD51.  (4/17/2024)
AD 53.  (2/25/2024)
SD 20. (4/19/2024)
AD 62.  (4/19/2024)
AD 65.  (4/22/2024)
AD 66.  (4/20/2024)
AD 68.   (4/20/2024)
AD 75.  (4/23/2024)
AD 87.  (4/16/2024)
SD30 and AD 88, 89,90.  (2/21/2024)
AD 90.  (4/17/2024)

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