Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Illinois Republicans boogie their way to doomsday on board the Darren Bailey Clown Show bus


Congratulations to the folks at Trafalgar for nailing the outcome of the Illinois GOP gubernatorial primary.

Outcome and pollNew York Times, Real Clear Politics
HeadlineDaily Herald, 6/28/2022
Conservative Republican Darren Bailey is headed for an election showdown with Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker this fall after trouncing rival Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin and upending expectations in Tuesday's primary. 
With nearly 79% of ballots counted, Bailey, a farmer from Xenia, had 57.4% of the votes, according to unofficial tallies. The Associated Press has called the race. 
Venture capitalist Jesse Sullivan of Petersburg had 15.7% of the tally for the party's nomination. 
Early favorite Irvin, a moderate supported by GOP establishment leaders, received 15% as the party's nominee for governor. 
"Tonight your voices were finally heard," Bailey said at a celebration in Effingham. "Voices from the farms, the suburbs and the city of Chicago. Tonight our voices send a clear message to the establishment and the political elite that we will not be ignored."
Chicago and Cook County vote:
  • Darren Bailey:  124,431
  • Current governor JB Pritzker:  439,539
And Pritzker didn't have a competitive primary.  He received 92% of the vote.

Original 6/27/2022 post stats here

Poll averagesReal Clear Politics
HeadlineNew York Times, 6/26/2022
The wicked, in this case, are the Chicago-based moderates aiming to maintain control over the Illinois Republican Party. And the righteous is Mr. Bailey, a far-right state senator who is unlike any nominee the party has put forward for governor in living memory. 
A 56-year-old farmer whose Southern Illinois home is closer to Nashville than to Chicago, he wears his hair in a crew cut, speaks with a thick drawl and does not sand down his conservative credentials, as so many past leading G.O.P. candidates have done to try to appeal to suburbanites in this overwhelmingly Democratic state. On Saturday, former President Donald J. Trump endorsed Mr. Bailey at a rally near Quincy, Ill.  
Far behind them is Mr. Bailey, whose primary financial benefactor is Richard Uihlein, the billionaire megadonor of far-right Republican candidates, who has donated $9 million of the $11.6 million Mr. Bailey has raised and sent another $8 million to a political action committee that has attacked Mr. Irvin as insufficiently conservative.

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