Wednesday, October 6, 2021

GET ME REWRITE: Middleton Police Department takes proactive approach


Rest assured, though, that we're likely to see numerous 'gunshots or fireworks?' posts on Next Door during the next few days.

Email screenshot

Original 9/16/2021 post, "Fireworks or gunshots?   The great debate continues at Next Door", starts here.

Screenshot from Next Door

The Atlantic, July-August 2018
Takahashi echoes Wymer on noise complaints—talk of fireworks or gunshots (they are rarely actual gunshots) is common, she says. Sometimes these complaints have dramatic consequences. In Seattle, a post about a dog’s bad reaction to some kind of cannon that was sounded during Seahawks football games led to an online dispute, and a neighborhood meeting at a library to talk it out erupted into a brawl. “Seattle is like the Florida of Nextdoor,” Takahashi told me, referring to the Sunshine State’s tendency to surface all manner of improbable events.

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