Thursday, September 30, 2021

"AND WE HELPED!!", say Wisconsin's Trumpiest and least vaccinated counties

Although the country is seeing a decline in average daily cases overall, Wisconsin joins 13 other states reporting a net positive change. Only Alaska has a higher percent increase at 100% compared to Wisconsin's 48% increase. 
The state reported a seven-day average of 2,532 daily cases on Wednesday, up 877 cases from a month ago.
As of 9/29/2021, the 7-day average is at 2,919, according to the New York Times.

Taylor County vaccination rate for all residents is 30.3%.  Clark County is 31.4.%  The state average is 53.6%.

Original 9/15/2021 post, "Bottom line:  Taylor County and Clark County are among the Trumpiest in Wisconsin", starts here.

Stats from Wikipedia

Why is this region of central Wisconsin so much more resistant to vaccines and to medical research showing that vaccinated people are far less likely to get infected, be hospitalized and die from COVID-19? 
Public health officials say a combination of factors are at play, ranging from political beliefs, to vulnerability to disinformation, to the presence of large Amish and Mennonite communities, to a history of skepticism about vaccines in general. 
Interviews conducted by the USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin with residents of Clark and Taylor counties over the last four months also suggested widespread doubts about the safety of vaccines, as well as opposition to government mandates.

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