Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Tokyo Olympics update: Japan's new cases of COVID-19 up nearly 200% since start of games


4,000 new cases in one day.  Yesterday's news.

Within the Olympic bubble, 21 games-related personnel have tested positive in the past day, none of which were athletes. Since July started, 241 people connected with the Olympics have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Doin' the wave in Japan

Original 7/23/2021 post starts here

Chart from Worldometers

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New York Times, 7/22/2021
For both Japan and the Olympic movement, the delayed 2020 Games may represent less a moment of hope for the future than the distinct possibility of decline. And to the generation of Japanese who look back fondly on the 1964 Games, the prospect of a diminished, largely unwelcome Olympics is a grave disappointment.


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