Thursday, July 23, 2020

Dear Tom Tiffany, Confederate monuments were erected decades after the end of the Civil War and are intended to glorify leaders of the Confederacy

2 Wisconsin Republicans vote against removing Confederate statues from Capitol while Ron Johnson blocks Juneteenth holiday.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/23/2020) 

How the US Got So Many Confederate Monuments., 6/12/2020)
Most of these monuments did not go up immediately after the war’s end in 1865. During that time, commemorative markers of the Civil War tended to be memorials that mourned soldiers who had died, says Mark Elliott, a history professor at University of North Carolina, Greensboro. 
“Eventually they started to build [Confederate] monuments,” he says. “The vast majority of them were built between the 1890s and 1950s, which matches up exactly with the era of Jim Crow segregation.” According to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s research, the biggest spike was between 1900 and the 1920s. 
In contrast to the earlier memorials that mourned dead soldiers, these monuments tended to glorify leaders of the Confederacy like General Robert E. Lee, former President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis and General “Thomas Stonewall” Jackson.

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