Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Madison Central Library Project Faces Delay into 2011

Link to March 9 Capital Times article.

Excerpt: In early September, Mayor Dave Cieslewicz stood on the steps of the downtown Central Library with labor leaders and the potential developers of the new Central Library and Edgewater Hotel projects to trumpet the importance of the city's financial contribution to both as job creators in a tough economy.

Since the City Council agreed to set aside millions of dollars for both projects during its November budget meetings, though, council members have seen the Edgewater Hotel project dominate news headlines and city meetings while the library project has slid quietly into the background.

Now, council members have grown restless with the apparent lack of movement on the Central Library. But city officials and representatives of the Fiore Cos., which was chosen to lead the Central Library project, say that despite public silence, they are engaged in important negotiations about the best way to handle the project to get the city the most for its $37 million commitment.

As negotiations continue without a settlement, though, the possibility of the new library being delayed until 2011 is fast becoming a reality. Originally, construction on the six-story, glass and metal structure at the corner of West Washington Avenue and Henry Street was expected to begin this fall

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