Saturday, March 2, 2019

UPDATE: Central Florida's record-setting February heat

February rankings: In-depth look at record heat across Central Florida.  (WFTV, 3/2/2019)

2/27/2019 update, "Dear, Those of us living in Wisconsin know where winter is.  Best, Retiring Guy", starts here.

The evidence is piled high everywhere here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Where's winter? Western Europe basks in record temperatures.  (, 2/26/2019)

Retiring Guy's younger son lives in southern Germany.  During our video chat on Sunday, he happily described the "shorts weather" they're currently experiencing.

Here's what going on there today.

On our way to more of the same?

Original 2/2/2019 post, "Record heat scorches Australia in January 2019", starts here.

'Unprecedented': Australia Just Recorded Its Hottest Month on Record in January.  (, 1/31/2019)

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'Dome of hot air': Australia blows away heat records.  (Sydney Morning Herald, 2/2/2019)
Record Australian heat shows soaring cost of climate change.  (CBC, 2/1/2019)

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