Monday, April 30, 2018

Meet Todd Tuls, Wisconsin dairy data booster

Lazily reported in Wisconsin approves water pollution permit for 5,800-cow feedlot.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/27/2018)
The Department of Natural Resources on Wednesday announced it has approved a permit for a controversial dairy feedlot that would generate an estimated 95 million gallons of manure and waste water annually in the Sugar River watershed about 40 miles south of Madison.
700 dairy cows = large concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO)

No, Steven, not Nebraska-based Pinnacle, but Nebraska-based Tuls Dairies.  Doesn't the State Journal employ a librarian anymore?

(arrows, text box, and highlights added)

Impressive results for this meager pay to play.

Original 4/29/2018 post, "The changing data of Wisconsin dairy farming", starts here.

Source:  Wisconsin Cheese

With their way of life in jeopardy, dairy farmers search for ways to stabilize markets.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/28/2018)
That’s a tall order these days for many farmers. Wisconsin lost 500 dairy farms in 2017, and about 150 have quit milking cows so far this year, putting the total number of milk-cow herds at around 7,600 — down 20 percent from five years ago.

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