Tuesday, May 1, 2018

GOP central casting UPDATE: Sex life aside, there are clearly similarities between Eric Greitens and Kevin Nicholson

Radio ad comparing US Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson to Missouri governor caught in sex scandal pulled.  (Madison.com, 4/30/2018)
The Greitens scandal broke months ago.  Americas PAC leader Tom Donelson said Monday he sent a replacement ad before the original was supposed to air last week, but some stations broadcast the one favorably comparing Nicholson and the embattled Greitens. The original ad was made months ago and should not have been sent to the stations, Donelson said.

4/18/2018 update, "Pretty wrapping, empty box", starts here.

Missouri’s Governor Was Already in Trouble. A New Felony Claim Adds to That.  (The New York Times, 4/17/2018)
The adulterous governor remains defiant and unrepentant.  Fortunately for [Attorney General] Josh [Hawley], he’s better at press conferences than the law,” the governor said in a statement. “Anyone who has set foot in a Missouri courtroom knows these allegations are ridiculous.” 

Original 3/1/2018 post, "Another clueless central-casting politician who stumbles", starts here.

Photo credits:  Twitter (Greitens),  Nicholson for Senate
Sykes quote

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens indicted for felony invasion of privacy.  (St. Louis Post-Dispatch,  2/23/2018)
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, who was swept into office in 2016 with a vow to clean up a corrupt state government, was indicted and booked Thursday on a felony invasion of privacy charge for allegedly taking and transmitting a non-consensual photo of his partly nude lover shortly before that campaign started. 
It stems from a scandal that broke last month, in which Greitens was accused of threatening his lover with the photo — an allegation that isn't mentioned in the indictment. Greitens has admitted having an extramarital affair, but has denied the rest.

Not a secret anymore.  (A #1 song for Doris, ranked 9th for the year 1954 by Billboard.)

Curiously, Eric doesn't list his latest gig -- governor, not adulterer --  at his LinkedIn account.

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