Thursday, August 17, 2017

UPDATE. Weasel words with a side of fawning: Scott Walker finally speaks out on Trump uproar

Merriam-Webster's definition of 'weasel word' fits the situation perfectly.

Reported in Amid latest Trump uproar, Wisconsin GOP politicians reluctant to criticize president directly.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/16/2017)

Original 8/16/2017 post, "What Scott Walker said about Donald Trump's remarks yesterday", starts here.

Scott Walker has not denounced Trump today.  (The Political Environment, 8/15/2017)

What Wisconsin's congressional delegation has said, as quoted in Wisconsin Congressional Delegation Condemns Charlottesville violence (Wisconsin Public Radio, 8/15/2017)

Sen. Ron Johnson, who doesn't mention Trump by name.  
"It’s horrific, it’s a tragedy. This is evil, and I think everybody should renounce and denounce neo-Nazi groups, the white supremacists. There is no room of this kind of hate and violence in this country."

Sen Tammy Baldwin, who doesn't mention Trump by name.
 "Racism, hatred, and violence have no place in America. Concerned and disgusted by the events in #Charlottesville."

Rep. Paul Ryan, who doesn't mention Trump by name.  
"The views fueling the spectacle in Charlottesville are repugnant. Let it only serve to unite Americans against this kind of vile bigotry. Our hearts are with today's victims. White supremacy is a scourge. This hate and its terrorism must be confronted and defeated."

 Rep. Mark Pocan 
"President Trump said what he needed to say in denouncing these groups, but unfortunately it came 48 hours late," Pocan said. "Now that he's called these groups out as 'criminals and thugs,' he needs to take the next step and remove (White House advisors) Seb Gorka and Steve Bannon."

Rep. Ron Kind  
"My prayers are with the families of Heather Heyer, Lieutenant Cullen, and Trooper-Pilot Bates who lost tragically lost their lives in Charlottesville. Hate, racism and bigotry should be strongly condemned, not covered up, and I call on President Trump to join me in condemning the racism and hatred on display by the white supremacists in Charlottesville."

Rep. Gwen Moore, who doesn't mention Trump by name, although she has called for his impeachment as reported elsewhere.
"We will not be intimidated by the #AltRight. We won't back down from standing up against hate & defending our #CivilRights." #Charlottesville."

 Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, who doesn't mention Trump by name.
 "What happened in Charlottesville goes against the principles of this nation and everything I've worked for during my time in Congress. The freedoms given in this country should never be abused to incite violence or spread hate and prejudice. It's my hope that as Americans, we can all come together to denounce bigotry in all its forms."

Rep. Glenn Grothman, an opaque statement that doesn't mention Trump by name.
"What's happening in #Charlottesville is unacceptable and un-American. My prayers are with the victims." 

Rep. Sean Duffy, who doesn't mention Trump by name.
 "The hate and violence in Charlottesville today is despicable. We are better than this." 

Rep. Mike Gallagher, who doesn't mention Trump by name.
  "The abhorrent acts of hate and bigotry witnessed today in Charlottesville go against our American values." 

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