Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Then and Now: 200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue West near Liberty Street

Then.  A black-and-white print from the Borg Studio.  

For many years, the corner business in the 3-story building at 100 Liberty Street was Widmann Drug Store.

According to the 1967 Warren City Directory, the following businesses on Pennsylvania Avenue West, listed from left to right, occupied the 5 storefronts shown above (with 1983 updates)
  • 254 - Carson Finance Company (Associates Consumer Discount)
  • 252 - Betty Dixon Candies (same)
  • 250 - Rix's Barber Shop (Pounds-Away reducing salon)
  • 248 - Powder Puff Beauty Salon (Styles Unlimited beauty salon)
  • 246 - vacant (John Rix Barber Shop)

Now.  (Photo taken on Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016)

Photo by Retiring Guy

The back-office operation of Northwest Savings Bank now occupies this section of downtown Warren.

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