Thursday, March 24, 2016

Drumlin Dairy does the math

Number of goats to be kept on a proposed Jefferson County dairy,.

Number of animal "units" that defines a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO), which are more strictly regulated than smaller operations.

Number of goats that equal an animal "unit"

Number of animal "units" that make up the Drumlin goat-milking operation.  No pesky CAFO regulations, in other words.

Proposed Jefferson County goat milking operation would be among largest in world.  (, 3/24/2016)
Under state rules, 10 goats constitute one animal unit, meaning the Drumlin operation would be the equivalent of 900 cows. “That bothered me. It concerns me that if (Drumlin is) going to that level, why not go further and get fully regulated?” [Anita] Martin [of Lake Mills' Citizens for a Better Environment] said. “It’s doubtful they will do the voluntary things that otherwise would be required, like being subjected to public review from time to time.”

I share this Dairymaster Swiftglo Goat Rotary commercial only because it features a 1800-head goat farm.   You'll have to do this last bit of math:  1800 X ___ = 9000.

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