Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cruz gives Trump a Super Tuesday scare in Arkansas

Arkansas' single, early-February poll isn't particularly enlightening.  

Based on 2 February Dem polls, Sanders hits his mark, but Clinton exceeds expectations.

Bill Clinton aside, Arkansas has usually voted Republican in Presidential elections since 1972, Jimmy Carter in 1976 being the only other exception.  (And from 1972 through 2004, the state had always voted for the winning candidate.)


Other Super Tuesday primaries.
Alabama.  (3/2/2016)
Georgia.  (3/2/2016)
Oklahoma.  (3/1/2016)
Massachusetts.  (3/1/2016)
Tennessee.  (3/1/2016)
Vermont.  (3/2/2016)
Virginia.  (3/1/2016)

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