Sunday, January 31, 2016

Increasingly fewer Wisconsin GOP voters heed what Scott Walker sez

Despite Scott Walker's pleas, Wisconsin Republicans support Donald Trump.  (Capital Times, 1/29/2016)
The beginning of February start tomorrow!  Asked in December whether he would support Trump should he win the nomination, Walker demurred. "That’s a long ways off. Votes aren’t going to be cast until the beginning of February," Walker said. "There’s a lot in between now and then. And so if someone’s the nominee, we’ll actually have to assess it at that time."

Meanwhile, Ben Carson tanks, as he's done everywhere else.

The behinders in the 1/21-24 Marquette Law School poll:
  • 3% - Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina
  • 2% - Jeb Bush, John Kasich
  • 1% - Mike Huckabee
  • 0% - Rick Santorum
The leaders in the 4/7-10 Marquette poll:
  • 40% - Scott Walker
  • 11% - don't know
  • 10% - Rand Paul
  •   8% - Jeb Bush
The leaders in the 8/13-16 Marquette poll:
  • 25.0% - Scott Walker
  • 13.2% - Ben Carson
  •   9.6% - don't know
  •   9.1% - Donald Trump

Recent state polls:
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2 most recent Iowa caucus polls maintain candidates' separate trendlines.  (1/28/2016)
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Trump more than doubles Rubio and Bush combined numbers in latest Florida Republican Presidential primary poll.  (1/20/2016)
FOX 5 Atlanta polls 97% white folks in latest Georgia Republican Presidential primary poll.  (1/18/2016)
Trump gets a little breathing room in latest Iowa poll; Rubio's stock flags.  (1/14/2016)
Ted Cruz leaps ahead of Donald Trump in latest California poll.  (1/6/2016)
Trump on top in Nevada.  (1/2/2016)
Chris Christie no favorite son in New Jersey; Donald Trump rules for now.  (11/18/2015)
Carson continues ascent in Virginia, Bush going the way of Scott Walker; Rubio bobs.  (11/18/2015)
Trump, Cruz on upswing; Carson, Bush on downslide in latest Texas Republican primary poll.  (11/12/2015)
As the polls churn in Arizona: Trump and Fiorina = big losers; Carson and Rubio = big winners.  (11/11/2015)

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