Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In his home state of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham has the highest unfavorable rating of all Republican candidates

The behinders in the 11/7-8 Public Policy Polling poll:
  • 5% - Carly Fiorina
  • 3% - John Kasich
  • 2% - Mike Huckabee, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul
  • 1% - Chris Christie, Rick Santorum
  • 0% - Bobby Jindal
Other stuff:  Meet the unfavorables
  • 48% - Lindsey Graham
  • 46% - Jeb Bush
  • 40% - John Kasich

Recent state polls:
Carson sneaks past Trump in South Carolina.  (11/9/2015)
Donald Trump losing altitude in North Carolina.  (11/6/2015)
It's presently a 4-way Republican contest in Iowa.  (11/6/2015)
While Trump gets big boost in Florida, Jeb's support is slip-sliding away.  (11/3/2015)
Ted Cruz for President: Texas Republicans are increasingly sayin', "I don't think so!"  (10/28/2015)
Clemson poll sez Donald Trump is no longer hot stuff in South Carolina.  (10/27/2015)
New Hampshire Republicans not warming up to Ben Carson.  (10/26/2015)
Wisconsin voters don't necessarily heed Scott Walker's advice to dump Trump.  (10/1/2015)
On the other hand, Donald Trump can still say "I'm peaking! I'm peaking!" in North Carolina.  (9/29/2015)
At best, Donald Trump is treading water in Georgia.  (9/29/2015)
Scott Walker quickly flames out in Michigan.  (9/17/2015)

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