Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another Reason, I Suppose, to Protest the Installation of Sidewalks "After the Fact"

Funding for rural school districts, North Shore?. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/3/2014)

Lack of sidewalks + "hazardous route district":.  So who's on the list? Fox Point-Bayside, Glendale-River Hills and Maple Dale-Indian Hill, three wealthy and compact North Shore districts [in Sen. Alberta Darling's district], received $71,000, $97,000 and $67,000, respectively. The district they feed into for high school, Nicolet Union High School District, received just under $80,000. 

And who's off the list? The perennially cash-strapped Rhinelander School District, for one.

"We have students living 43 miles away."   For districts like the Lakeland Union High School District — one of the largest districts in the state geographically and situated near the Michigan border — the money is essential. This year Lakeland will receive the second-largest aid package, at $143,000.

Not in my front yard.

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