Friday, December 13, 2013

Where's the Outcry Over Lt. Gov. Kleefisch's Closed Roundtables?

Reprsentatives Fred Clark (D-Baraboo) and Jeffrey Mursau (R-Crivitz) just felt the heat.

Demands for transparency.  After an outcry from critics across the political spectrum over news that an environmental forum for legislators would be closed to the public, the hosts of the event announced that the meeting would be open to the media and others after all.

Is someone getting a free pass here?

Lack of communication of chutzpah?  A reporter for the Beloit Daily News tried to attend, but was not allowed in until the final segment an hour after the meeting began. 

Walker, in a Tuesday press release, touted the Beloit round table as the first in a series around the state to “start a conversation with Wisconsinites and gather information and input from taxpayers on the real impact of Wisconsin taxes in consideration of future tax reform.” 

Walker said the meetings are an “outstanding opportunity for the hardworking taxpayers to voice their opinions and offer suggestions on Wisconsin’s tax climate.”

Contact the Lt. Gov's office.

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