Monday, October 28, 2013

First a WEDC Grant, Then a Sales Tax Exemption: Sen. Mike Ellis at Work

Aviation Funding in Wisconsin Budget Raises Questions. (Media Trackers, 6/19/2013)

Reporter Brian Sikma wonders how did $2,000,000 worth of grants for companies who construct or repair passenger transportation aircraft or manufacture parts find their way into the budget bill in the first place.

Oh, it happens all the time in Wisconsin in a June of an odd-numbered year, Brian.

The grants, removed as part of a technical amendment to the budget, were to be administered by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

Well, lookee here.  Gulfstream Aerospace has a maintenance and repair facility in Appleton, which is located in Sen. Mike Ellis's district.

Sales tax break for aviation companies up for vote. (WAOW, 10/28/2013)

Excerpt: The Republican-backed bill would benefit companies like Gulfstream in Appleton and Cessna in Milwaukee. Those companies and others say having to pay the sales tax puts them at a competitive disadvantage because aircraft owners are taking their business to other states that don't charge the tax.

The bill is sponsored by Sen. Mike Ellis and will result in the loss of $3,000,000 in revenue to the state annually.

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