Monday, July 22, 2013

More Roundabout Pandering, Lack of Leadership, This Time from Rep. Gary Bies

"This legislation will give them an opportunity to express their thoughts to their local government."

Sadly, this is an elected official speaking.

Gary, here's how it works.

Sturgeon Bay residents can contact their local elected officials, i.e., the Mayor and members of  the Sturgeon Bay City Council.
  • Thad Birmingham, Mayor (746-9688)
  • Dan Wiegand, District 1 (559-1702)
  • Ron Vandertie, District 2 (493-0017)
  • Ed Ireland, District 3 (743-4761)
  • Rick Wiesner, District 4 (559-2836)
  • Joe Stutting, District 5 (495-8300)
  • Stewart R. Fett, District 6 (743-5011)
  • Bob Schlicht, District 6 (746-0777)

They can email the city.  They can even email Dan directly.  (But not the mayor and the rest of the council.  Come on, Sturgeon Bay, it's the 21st century.)

They can attend a council meeting and express their opinions during the "Public comment on non-agenda items" portion of the meeting.

No additional legislation is required.

Oh, and by the way, where does most of the funding for these road projects come from?

I suspect these open house meetings are like Groundhog Day for Tony Kemnitz and other DOT staff.

Public grills DOT over roundabout plans.  Intersection of change has been hot spot for crashes. (Stevens Point Journal, 7/10/2013)

Excerpt:     DOT traffic safety engineer Tony Kemnitz said 49,000 intersection crashes happen in Wisconsin every year with 39 percent of all crashes reported happen in an intersection, 26 percent of all fatalities from crashes occur in an intersection and 52 percent of injuries from crashes occur in an intersection.

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