Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Describe the Beloit Daily News Editorial Board? Out of Touch.....Waiting for Miracles

Editorial: Register ahead of election?  Yes.  (Beloit Daily News, 11/24/2012)

At least they dismiss the concern over voter fraud.

But then they go on to say.....

Promoting an "old white man" agenda with a sugary side of patronizing concern.

Maybe they should have a talk with the clerks themselves.

Wisconsin clerks fighting Walker on same-day voter registration.  (Capital Times, 11/23/2012)

Excerpt:   But doing away with same-day registration would force Wisconsin to submit to a number of federal mandates aimed at increasing ballot accessibility, she says. 

In particular, the state would have to begin offering voter registration through the Division of Motor Vehicles, a requirement that Hermann-Brown says would lead to inexperienced state officials handling voting rights. 

And it would also mean thousands of people streaming into clerks' offices in the weeks preceding an election, which would mean more overtime, more overworked clerks and more taxpayer dollars spent, she says.

Wonder if the BDN wants to walk back that Ron Johnson endorsement?

Substitute "white" for "wild".    ....waiting for miracles.

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