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Self-Publishing and Public Library Collection Development Policies

Title included here,

The Best Book Reviews Money Can Buy.  (The New York Times, 8/25/2012)

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Here is how some libraries handle self-published titles.

From "Facts & Policies:  Information for Local Authors".  Harford County Public Library generally does not add books to the general collection that have been self-published or published with a book packager.

This webpage also includes information on "What You Can Expect from the Library" and "Resources for Aspiring Authors".

From Collection Development Policy:  Guidelines for Specfic Subject Areas and Formats

8. Local Authors.   Every attempt is made to acquire titles by local (Northampton and the towns in the Pioneer Valley) authors, artists, and producers that are published by mainstream publishers. Titles that are self-published are not added to the collection unless there is a compelling reason to do so (valuable local content, high local interest). Print on demand titles that are self-published, even though available via mainstream distributors, will not be added unless they meet the Library's collection criteria. Local authors' works are integrated into the general collection.

Tulsa library changing policy about allowing self-published work.  (Tulsa World, 2/17/2012)

Excerpt:  Local authors and artists will have an opportunity to get their self-published work into the Tulsa City-County Library collections with a policy revision passed Thursday at a regular oversight commission meeting. 

Commissioner Richard White Jr. said the change reflects current trends in publishing.

From the Tulsa City-County Library Collection Development policy:   Authors, producers or performers who would like the library to add their publications, videos or recordings to the library collections may donate a copy of the item through the library’s collection development department. Such materials will be considered gifts and cannot be returned. Only materials by Oklahoma authors or content set in Oklahoma will be added to the collection and are subject to the criteria noted in the collection development policy. Materials which are available only as print-on-demand will not be added to the library’s collection.

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