Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rhetorical Question?

Man stabbed for watching porn at Brooklyn Heights public library: cops. (New York Daily News, 5/16/2012)

Excerpt: Blood flowed in a Brooklyn library Tuesday night when a man — enraged because another library user was viewing porn — stabbed him in the chest, fire and police sources said.

The alleged attacker, Ralph Neptune, 46, who is homeless, was with his wife on the second floor at the Brooklyn Heights Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library when he spotted the racy videos on the 52-year-old victim’s screen around 7:20 p.m., police sources said.

“He was with his wife and he accused the other guy of looking at porn,” one police source said. “The guy looking at porn picked up a chair and hits him. The guy who was offended said, ‘I have a knife,’ and stabs him in the chest,” the source continued.

Then Neptune’s wife started screaming, “How are we going to get back to Peekskill?” the source said.

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