Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Strong Relationship Between Academic Achievement and Good School Libraries

Link to November 13 letter to the editor of the (Delaware) News Journal.

Excerpt: It was a delight to see school libraries on the front page of the Tuesday News Journal. While many fine points were expressed regarding the value of school librarians, the article fell a bit short of the big picture.

Nothing was mentioned about more than 60 studies (especially those by Keith Curry Lance and Ross Todd) showing the relationship between academic achievement and good school libraries. When one examines the studies, it is clear that three elements are present when enhanced achievement is met: a professional school librarian, sufficient materials and technology (both print and nonprint with maintained/up-to-date equipment) and a collaborative effort and defined achievement plan within the school. When one of these elements is missing, the model limps. It is unfortunate that we have many limping schools in Delaware today

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