Thursday, October 21, 2010

Budget Cuts = Reduced Hours at 37 Buffalo and Erie County Libraries

Link to October 21 Buffalo News article, "Library spells out impact of deep cuts in county funds.  Hours to drop sharply while use increases".

Excerpt: Erie County's proposed budget cuts will have a profound impact on its system of 37 public libraries.

At eight city branches, combined hours will drop from 332 to 205 a week. Three Amherst branches will go from 162 1/2 hours to 105 hours a week.

Hours at branches in Alden and Boston will drop by more than half -- with Lackawanna's reduced by nearly two-thirds.

This means reduced access to books, media, computers and after-school programs.

The sobering news for the embattled Buffalo & Erie County Public Library was presented Wednesday by Library Director Bridget Quinn-Carey to the Erie County Legislature. The system faces a $6.8 million shortfall next year, with the biggest gap resulting from the loss of $4 million in county property tax revenue that County Executive Chris Collins has ordered

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