Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Manitowoc Public Library Removes Wiggle Room from Fine Policy

Link to August 25 Herald Times Reporter article, "Manitowoc library tightens its policy on overdue fines".

Excerpt: Hoping to soften budget shortfalls, the Manitowoc Public Library is getting tougher on patrons who have significant overdue fines.

Effective Sept. 1, patrons will not be allowed to renew their library cards until all of their outstanding fines are paid in full.

Library patrons are required to renew their cards every year, and previously were allowed to do so even if they had fines up to $10. By removing that leniency, library director Cherilyn Stewart hopes to generate extra revenue for the library.

The new policy is expected to generate an additional $20,000 in revenue. (Manitowoc currently averages $40,000 per year.)

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