Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wisconsin dairy industry: More milk, fewer farms

CAFOs win, we lose.

Source:  Wisconsin Cheese

‘It ain’t fun anymore’: Auctioneers are busy selling off dying Wisconsin dairy farms.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/28/2019)
A worldwide glut of milk continues to drive down the price farmers receive, to the point that many barely break even or lose money. In 2018, for the third straight year, Wisconsin led the nation in farm bankruptcies — most of them family dairy operations, which have been a staple of Wisconsin life for generations. 
The dairy industry has weathered hard times before, Cory said, farmers unable to make the math work amid low milk prices. 
"We've seen this in the past, numerous times," he said. "But in the past, there were always signs that pointed to better times. But today, there are no signs pointing to anything better. We're losing farmers at a high clip."

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