Saturday, June 24, 2017

Someday Middleton's Belle Fontaine Boulevard will extent from Parmenter Street to CTH Q

At least that's the plan.
Source:  City of Middleton

Just south of MOC (Middleton Operations Center) on Parmenter, the extended Belle Fontaine will connect with Schneider Road, where the truck (at center left) is traveling west.

All photos by Retiring Guy

Where Belle Fontaine currently dead-ends in the Misty Valley/Middleton Ridge development.

Turning around to look in the opposite direction, i.e. east.

At the intersection of Belle Fontaine and Misty Valley Drive.  Note the design, traffic which will accommodate a 4-lane, divided street.

Where Belle Fontaine Blvd. currently ends at High Road.

The intersection of Belle Fontaine and High Road, looking in the direction of the northeast extension of the former.

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