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Oak Ridge Apartments UPDATE: Still working on the landscaping

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5/10/2019 update starts here.

Now occupied.

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3/19/2019 update starts here.

70 of the 83 units set aside with incomes 30% to 60% of Dane County's median.

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With the neighboring Meadow Ridge in view.  (Most of the units are available to tenants with incomes 30% to 60% of Dane County median.


2 views of first-floor community room

Living space of 3-bedroom grandfamily apartment

12/31/2018 update starts here.

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10/17/2018 update, "Topped off, soon to be twin of Meadow Ridge apartment building", starts here.

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6/28/2018 update starts here.

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Total Units: 83 
Affordable Units: 70

Two story entrance atrium and fireplace, resident community room, exercise room, beauty salon, business center and on-site storage. 

Three bedroom units targeted to "grandfamilies".

More info found here.

6/7/2018 update, "3rd floor framing underway", starts here.

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5/2/2018 update, "2nd floor framing underway" starts here.

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4/22/2018 update, "Panorama view of construction progress", starts here.

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3/23/2018 update, "Oak Ridge Apartments first floor framing underway", starts here.

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The Oak Ridge Apartments is a development within the Parmenter Area Concept Plan.  (Not carved in stone.)

2/27/2018 update, "Foundation work begins", starts here.

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First floor plan

1/30/208 update, " Oak Ridge Apartments excavation underway", starts here.

That's the recently completed Meadow Ridge Apartments at right.

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12/11/2017 update, "Oak Ridge Apartments expands options for low-income housing in Middleton", starts here.

Oak Ridge will take over the site of a former softball diamond.

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New Middleton housing complex to include 'grandfamily' units.  (Capital Times, 12/3/2017)
The Oak Ridge development project is an 83-unit mixed income independent senior living center and is being developed by the JT Klein Company. Of the total units, 70 will be set aside for tenants with incomes between 30 and 60 percent of the county median, which is between $25,550 and $51,120 for a family of four.

Dane County contributed $665,000 to the approximately $14 million project through its affordable housing fund, following the Board of Supervisors’ approval Thursday. The project also received $882,958 in low-income housing tax credits from the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority.

It's a quibble, but these do appear to be maple trees.

Original 5/16/2017 post, "The Oak Ridge Apartments will soon join Meadow Ridge", starts here.

The Oak Ridge Apartments, not to be confused with the Oakridge Apartments on Cypress Way in Madison, will be constructed on a former softball field on Lisa Lane, which is perpendicular to Laura Lane and parallel to Donna Drive.

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Orange arrow marks approximate location where above photo was taken.

Source;  City of Middleton (orange arrow added)

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