Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shut Down: All National Parks

Shutdown forces tourists, rangers to leave Wyoming national parks en masse. (Casper Star-Tribune, 10/1/2013)

Excerpt:   Visitors were given 48 hours to exit the parks, and park administrators worked to get backcountry adventurists out as soon as possible. 

More than 520 people spent Monday evening in Grand Teton National Park. More than 515 were booked for Tuesday. Yellowstone had strong numbers in attendance, according to park spokesman Al Nash. 

Yellowstone averages 54,000 visitors in the first week of October, Nash said.

Economic impact.  Cody, Wyoming, stands to lose $4,000,000 each day that the federal government is shut down.

From a time when most of the current Congressional clown caucus wasn't born.

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